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Energy Consultants Association membership badge: a sign of quality

Procure Smart is a founding member of the Energy Consultants Association, promoting best practice and a fairer non-domestic energy market for UK businesses.

Frequently asked questions

It’s about utilising the relevant experts.

Our Business Procurement Managers constantly monitor their relevant market, identify trends and deliver results for their customers as a result.

We don’t wait around for that renewal notice to land; we’re always monitoring the market to determine the best time for your business to strike.

We don’t just stop with energy.  We can help your business save across six service areas in ways you have never imagined.

Traditional price comparison websites simply link their users with a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) like Procure Smart after you’ve provided your details.

You’d save time and effort speaking directly to our experts.

That’s where we help businesses work smarter.

To begin with, all we need is just a few bits of basic information. This includes copies of your latest gas and electricity bills and a signed Letter of Authority (LOA). With this, we can analyse your current spending and then approach suppliers on your behalf to procure great deals for your business.

Additionally, our dedicated account management team will oversee the whole process and deal with any queries from suppliers.  We save your business time, energy and money.

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is the legal document that provides our experts with the permission needed to then liaise with energy suppliers on your behalf.  

What makes our service so beneficial to our customers is our ability to remove the stress of switching and managing the process from start to finish on your behalf.  In short, in order to negotiate with suppliers, arrange meter installations and process the contracts, we need to prove to suppliers that we have your approval to do so.

This is where an LOA comes into action.

Traditionally speaking, businesses begin searching for new energy deals as soon as they enter their switching window (often the six month period before their contract expires). 

However, it is advisable to keep your eyes open for dips in the market and utilise advanced procurement to access savings and efficiencies.

Due to the all-consuming nature of running your own business, most owners and senior leaders have their minds on other things.  That’s why it’s great to work with a TPI (such as Procure Smart) because we are always watching the market on behalf of our customers.

Firms often leave their renewal until the last minute because it’s not their priority.  For this reason, we’ve created our super-fast and easy switching process to enable you to get back to doing what you do best. 

Most savvy business owners question whether they could procure the deal themselves to make it cheaper.  In some instances this is correct.  But, equally, there are just as many instances where TPIs can negotiate using their strong supplier relationships to beat prices elsewhere on the market. 

Additionally, most TPIs offer increased levels of customer service, advice, research and efficiency that are not available by going directly to a supplier.

In many instances, businesses can’t actually access a contract due to credit statuses or industry types.  TPIs are useful in many scenarios like this.  Read more about why you should work with a TPI on our Smart Hub.

Before you begin the price comparison process, please be aware that if you’ve been in debt with your current supplier for more than 28 days, you may be prevented from switching until your debt is cleared. 

Speak to one our experts if you need assistance or support and we’ll assess the severity of the situation.  If possible, we’ll use our supplier relationships to help rectify it. 

Just like comparison websites, Procure Smart earns commission as a proportion of your spend for each contract we switch for a supplier.  For most service types, we will not bill you directly.  More detail can be found in our terms and conditions.

Every business is different and the market has been volatile for years.

The best move completely depends on your circumstances.  Longer contract terms can be very beneficial to provide cost certainty, plan effectively and, sometimes, access an advantageous rate.  Other times, your business type or circumstance may be too risky for suppliers and short-term could be the way to go.

Our expert Business Solutions Managers can advise you on which way to go.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Many different reasons.  We found many of our customers benefited greatly from advanced procurement methods during the gas price crisis of 2021/2022 which still has not fully subsided.  

Leaving it late is very rarely a beneficial strategy, however.  Suppliers know you need a new contract to avoid dreaded variable rates and may not offer you prices as you could access by procuring in advance.

But, don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the process and take the administrative burden away from you.

Many people are apprehensive about submitting their direct phone line on a digital form.  

It is our agent’s job to reach you over the phone as quickly as possible within office hours.  They’ll do their best to do so, but will not harass you.

You’ll find us a friendly bunch.

The non-domestic market is far more complex than the domestic one.

That makes switching online much more difficult.  Many sites mimic an online switching service but then collect your data and pass you to a phone line.


…our boffins may have something up their sleeve in this area.  Stay in touch with Procure Smart for more on this soon.

Of course!

Many UK businesses lack the in-house resources to efficiently procure the services they need. As a result, many businesses end up paying way above the going rate without realising it.

Following a comprehensive audit of your business’ procurement needs, Procure Smart will identify areas of your business where savings can easily be made.

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