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"Only 58% of eligible business water customers are aware that they are able to change the company providing their water or renegotiate their deal with their existing supplier."
Ofwat Non Household Customer Insight Survey 2020

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Procure your business water the smart way.

Following the deregulation of the English water market in April 2017, businesses are now able to choose their supplier based on price and quality of service.

To help businesses like yours, we have created a super-easy process for our experts to gather the necessary information to assess your costs and investigate savings, fast.

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Smarter business water switching.

Get smarter.

For all the latest news, top tips and guides regarding business water, please visit our brand new SMART HUB. 

Learning to read your business water bill with a critical eye could save your business money.

Experts explain exactly what a SPID number is, where to find it and why it’s important when it comes to switching.

We’ve put together a handy jargon buster to help make some of those tricky water terminologies just that little bit easier.

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Business Water FAQs

Procure Smart is a brand new service, created to help businesses like yours switch key areas of expenditure to save money.

Procure Smart’s team have been saving businesses money for more than 10 years.  So we realise that businesses are under more financial and time pressure than ever.

As a result, we have created a super-easy process for our experts to gather the necessary information to assess your costs and investigate savings, fast.

Speak to us today for a FREE, no-obligation assessment.

Smarter business switching.

Our service doesn’t end at switching your supplier, because here at Procure Smart, we go the extra mile to ensure all of your business water needs are accounted for, including:

  • Usage Analysis – Thorough analysis of your business’ current water usage, identifying whether you’re being billed for more water than required.
  • Bill Analysis – Overcharging is common within the water sector due to unintentional billing errors. Our bill analysis assessment is the smart approach to controlling your expenditure.
  • Surface Water & Highway Drainage – Not every business needs to be paying drainage charges. For this reason, we’ll audit your premises to ensure you’re only paying what you need to be.
  • Trade Effluent Negotiations – Another common area of overspending. With years of experience behind them, our team of analysts have a proven track record of ensuring our customers only pay the required fees.

The simple answer is yes, especially if you’ve never switched since deregulation back in 2017.

Even if you have switched since then, the market continues to mature and businesses should be encouraged to explore if any additional savings can be made.

Since deregulation in April 2017, our team has saved customers an average of 14% on their business water expenditure.

Furthermore, in some cases savings can reach up to 30% in England and 50% in the more mature Scottish market.

That’s where we help businesses work smarter.

With just a few bits of basic information, including your property address and SPID number, we can then analyse your current spending and approach suppliers on your behalf to procure the best water contracts for your business.

Additionally, our dedicated account management team will oversee the whole process and deal with any queries from suppliers.

A SPID is basically your Supply Point ID – a 13 digit reference number that represents your supply. Subsequently, all chargeable services are tagged to your SPID. As a matter of fact, there are two kinds: Water (which ends in a W) and Wastewater (which ends in an S).

You may also be assigned a Discharge Point ID (DPID) if you are permitted to discharge Trade Effluent Waste.

For further information, visit Ofwat, the business water regulators for England and Wales.

Of course you can!

Many UK businesses lack the inhouse resources to efficiently procure the services they need. As a result, many businesses end up paying way above the going rate without realising it.

Following a comprehensive audit of your business’ procurement needs, Procure Smart will identify areas of your business where savings can easily be made.

We aren’t recruiting just yet, but please keep an eye on our social media channels for any exciting future opportunities!

Just like comparison websites, Procure Smart also earns a commission for each referral it makes to a supplier. Therefore, it’s up to the suppliers to ensure their prices are attractive enough to you to earn your business.

Switch & Save Today.