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How your business water bill works

Learning to read your business water bill with a critical eye could save your business money.

The English business water retail market is relatively young.  Deregulation took place in 2017, nine years after Scotland, which gives businesses the choice of who supplies their water.

For businesses to take advantage of this choice, and the growing competition within the market, they need to know what to look out for.

This snappy blog covers the two main elements of a business water bill and how you should consider these when switching, as well as a bonus top tip to help you wring out every drop of value from your contract.

Business water bill charges: Water and Wastewater

Water charges relate to the supply of water into your building.  Wastewater charges are for the removal of used water from your building and distribution into the sewer system.

Pretty simple.

Each of these charges is split into several aspects, relating to each element.

Water charges

Standing charge (fixed): Similar to other utilities, you pay a standing charge regardless of how much water you consume.  It’s the supplier’s fee for maintaining operating your water meter.

Volumetric charge: this is the variable element of your bill.  The more units of water (cubic metres) you use, the more you will be charged.

Both of the above charges are negotiated at the point of contract agreement.  Together, they make up the water charges within your bill.

Wastewater charges

Standing charge (fixed): Just like the water charges, your business water bill will itemise your supplier’s wastewater standing charge to maintain your connection to the local sewer.

Volumetric charge: Again, similar to water charges, you’ll be charged per cubic metre of water returned to sewer. NOTE: this is not measured and is estimated from the water into the building.

TOP TIP: check the percentage of wastewater which is estimated to be leaving your building.  Often, it can be set as high as 100%, which is impossible.  This can be changed to a more realistic figure.  A small adjustment to this will maximise efficiency and save you money.  This is often itemised as “return to sewerage factor” on your bill.

Comparing and switching variable costs has always been best practice.  Procure Smart has the tools and relationships to compare water pricing, fast.  Our panel of suppliers cover businesses of all sizes and locations across England and Scotland.

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