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What is a SPID number?

SPID number

If you’re looking to switch your business water, you might often hear suppliers requesting the SPID number for your business.

But what does SPID stand for? Why do they need it and how do you locate it?

If you’ve found yourself asking the same questions, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out everything you need to know.

What is a SPID number?

SPID is an acronym for your water Supply Point Identification Number. Simply put, this number acts as reference point for providers to identify the water supply belonging to each of your premises. Suppliers can identify the historical usage of your site, including past meter readings, to provide you with an accurate water quote for your business.

What does a SPID number look like?

It will look different depending on whether you’re operating in England or Scotland.

For English businesses, this will consist of 10 digits starting with ‘3’, followed by a ‘W’ (standing for ‘water’) and then a further two digits.

Scottish SPIDs are slightly different due to location and the maturity of their market, which was deregulated in 2008, and consists of 8 digits starting with either a ‘2’ or a ‘3’.

ENGLANDID: 3936619627W74
SCOTLANDID: 2259610445W69

How do I find out my SPID number?

Your number will be located on each invoice you receive from your supplier. It will be referenced as SPID or the more formal Supply Point Identification/ID. If for whatever reason you are struggling to find it on your documentation, you can contact your supplier and provide them with the address of your premises and they will communicate your SPID number to you.

Make sure you don’t confuse your meter serial number with your SPID. You will only have one identification number per site, regardless of how many water meters you have as they will all be grouped under one ID.

Do I use the same number for my sewage/wastewater?

No. The SPID number for your sewerage is different to your main water supply and normally located on your invoice alongside it. For your wastewater, you’ll be looking for a 10-digit number followed by an ‘S’ rather than a ‘W’. This will then be followed by another digit and another letter, rather than two digits like your water ID.

SEWERAGEID: 3661850274S8G

I have more than one site, do I have a separate SPID number for each one?

Yes, your number is a unique identifier for each of your sites. If you have itemised billing, they should all be listed conveniently on your invoice.

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