Procure Smart

2023: Our year in numbers

Procure Smart began trading at the start of 2023 and it has been a whirlwind first year.

In March 2023, we moved to our Sunderland City Centre offices at Sunderland Software Centre.  We now have the most floor space in the building and have embedded ourselves in the city.  We are just starting on our journey, but have already contributed to the economy by bringing talent and spending power into the city.

In June we grew four-fold overnight.  It was a major adjustment to make, with extra floor space, training, recruitment and a major expansion of operations.  With the support and hard work of our colleagues, we minimised disruption and were quickly offering our customers the great service they expect.

We now have 35 full time employees and are recruiting for five new sales professionals.

Once our brilliant new colleagues were settled, trained and supported to reach full capacity, the business leadership set about planning for a big 2024.

In quarter four we launched valuable new trading partnerships within our industry and created new relationships with more of the UK’s biggest and best suppliers to enhance our customer value proposition across energy, water, waste, telecoms, card payments.

October saw the creation of a new division within the business: Procure Smart Renewables.  As with all of our service offering, this was created on the back of customer needs and feedback.  Procure Smart Renewables has built a healthy pipeline of carbon reduction and energy security projects to enhance customers’ energy strategies and prepare them for the future.

We finished the year by commissioning our development partners for the tech products we’re launching in 2024.  Build is now underway on a range of supportive tools which will help businesses take more control over their energy costs (to start with).

With more new supplier relationships being cemented to start 2024, we are excited to see Procure Smart, and our relationship with our customers, flourish this year.

Join us on our journey for 2024 as a new recruit or a new customer and get smart.

Our key numbers

1.300 contracts agreed450 customers onboarded
71GW of energy consumption managedSector-wide supplier agreements secured
Six switching services launched

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