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Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review (TCR) has resulted in major changes in how businesses are charged for network usage.

Find out today how your business energy bills will be affected.

A yellow industrial chimney demonstrates TCR's link to large energy consuming businesses

How TCR will affect future billing

The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) is an initiative established by Ofgem aimed at ensuring energy network charges are fair for all businesses.

This fundamentally means charges for businesses connected to the network should be based on the size of their site and overall energy usage.

Ofgems’s investigation determined these charges were uneven between large and small business consumers, partially down to load-shedding strategies employed by larger consumers.

New practices will see:

Following years of delays, the new system was finally rolled out in April 2023.

Your bill breakdown

Pie chart showing bill charge proportions versus each other, demonstrating TCR's charges accounting for approximately 10% of the bill

TCR explained in detail

In our dedicated blog, we discuss how the changes will be implemented and address popular customer queries, including:

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