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Energy Bills Discount Scheme ETII registrations open

The government's Energy Bills Discount Scheme

The Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) was hardly heralded as a saviour by UK businesses in January.  Its level of support was drastically reduced versus its predecessor, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS).

But, the package did acknowledge the discrepancy in the differences energy costs make to business types and specified extra support for Energy and Trade Intensive (ETII) industries.

Unlike the regular EBDS, the extra ETII scheme must be registered for.  This registration window for this extra support opened on 26th April 2023.

How to apply for the Energy Bills Discount ETII Scheme

Applications must be placed via the .gov website, here.

You will need some documents to hand to complete the registration.  These are:

  • Your contact details and company registration number
  • The company’s registered name and address
  • Your eligible SIC code(s) that make your industry an ETII
  • Your energy supplier names and the meter point numbers (MPANs or MPRNs) that your bills are linked to
  • Details of any intermediaries you may pay for your energy, such as a landlord

We would advise you to have a recent energy bill to hand. You will also need a signed letter from a director or equivalent of your business.

Submission of additional financial evidence may be required if your business was not registered with companies house with an eligible ETII SIC code by December 2022.

To those ETII eligible businesses beginning their registrations, good luck!

You can speak to Procure Smart or check out our other business energy content if you want to know more about the EBDS or your energy procurement.

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