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How our “Launchpad” is becoming a talent conveyor belt

Four new starters for the Procure Smart Launchpad standing behind a glass ballustrade

At just six weeks of age, Procure Smart’s Launchpad programme is showing signs of becoming a genuine talent source for the company’s future.

A second intake of three Trainee Sales Consultants took place at the start of June, along with two experienced sales professionals.

We caught up with Natalie Paterson, Sales Director, to find out how the initiative is performing and also one of our Launchpad Trainees, Owen Unsworth, to find out about his first six weeks.

What is the strategy behind this kind of intensive training?

Natalie: “At Procure Smart, we are committed to doing things differently because we think B2B markets can work better for UK businesses.

“Part of this is breaking cycles in the industry, including the constant merry-go-round of sales staff which we see within regions.  This drives up costs for employers and puts more pressure on performance for individuals.

“Whilst we have hired experienced professionals recently, who we have full confidence in, we wanted a way to access fresh talent and invest in their development to widen our accessible talent pool.”

What sort of training are Launchpad staff put through?

“We start with two weeks of knowledge building and cultural alignment.  Following this, we work on phone and sales techniques to set best practices and expectations for colleagues.

“By the end of month one, we look to set colleagues loose with a structured approach to finding new business in our simpler services.

“One of the benefits of our wide range of services for our colleagues is that they have different levels of complexity and some are easier to quote than others.  By starting with the simpler processes with common principles, Launchpad colleagues can build up their confidence and identify opportunities more holistically.

“This also gives the business the opportunity to improve penetration across our customer offer.”

How have the first cohort found the experience?

“From an experience perspective, the colleagues are thriving.  Feedback suggests that they’re feeling challenged, but also supported and that they are developing as professionals.

“The early outcomes are very encouraging.  The trainees are finding that interest in our services is high and are using their new skills to nurture leads.  We are now building a pipeline within this part of the business and are optimistic about its long-term performance.”

Will Procure Smart hire more people for the Launchpad?

“We are constantly hiring for the Launchpad at the moment.  We’re looking for driven and ambitious individuals who want to learn.  You can read about the role requirements on our website.

“We are also recruiting for multiple experienced outbound sales consultants and for business development.”

Owen Unsworth, Trainee Sales Consultant in our Launchpad

Owen, how are you finding life in the Launchpad?

Owen: “The first thing I noticed is how friendly and supportive the people are here.  We thoroughly enjoy our time and have a good laugh, all whilst getting the job done.

“I certainly wouldn’t say that it’s an easy thing to pick up immediately.  You have to be willing to put the work in, believe in yourself and have some perseverance.  But after a few weeks I feel like I’ve grasped it.  Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways, but I’m now having some success.”

What are your long term hopes for your future career?

“Firstly to make sure I’m meeting expectations in my current role and be able to sell a wider range of services.  Long-term I am a pretty laid-back person, so I like to go with the flow.   I want to see how far I can go in my role and how far I can push performance.”

Check out Procure Smart’s full list of vacancies on our careers page.  Watch out for more website content on life at Procure Smart.

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