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Procure Smart becomes founding member of the ECA

We are proud to announce that Procure Smart has become a founding member of the Energy Consultants Association (ECA).

The association is an independent, not-for-profit, self-regulated trade body that represents and protects the best interests of energy consultants, intermediaries and their customers.

The ECA have already made positive strides in engaging with Ofgem regarding the role Third Party Intermediaries (TPIs) play within the non-domestic energy market.  As a business, Procure Smart has seen more collaboration, sharing of best practice and collaboration since the ECA were started.

Liam Groves, Head of Business Operations at Procure Smart, said: “The ECA is a welcome addition to the consultant community and is long overdue, so when we heard about the opportunity to become a founding member, we jumped at the opportunity and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

“We have never had any significant representation, so this is a great opportunity to work alongside like-minded consultants and benefit from a shared voice.  We are keen to support the ECA to promote best practice in the industry and uphold high standards, which will protect our businesses and our customers in years to come.

“It’s great to see the industry taking positive steps towards being more sustainable, with the introduction of Ofgem regulation in recent years for example.  However, it’s crucial that energy consultants have a voice when it comes to future plans for further regulation and the ECA provides the perfect platform for us to have that.

“Having a trusted body of this sort will also strengthen relationships with Ofgem and energy suppliers. One of the biggest issues across the sector is standardisation of processes and terminology, so we hope having a central voice can improve this, as well as grease the wheels of innovation across non-domestic energy.  So I would encourage all consultants to join and be part of shaping the future of the industry.”

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