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Waste transfer notes: what are they?

Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) are legal documents used to track and regulate the transfer and disposal of commercial or business waste.

They are a requirement under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Duty of Care regulations, ensuring that businesses manage their waste responsibly and in compliance with the law.

WTNs are instrumental in supporting and documenting compliance with business waste contracts.

Key parts of Waste Transfer Notes:

Party Details: WTNs contain information about the waste-producing business and the waste management service provider, providing clarity about the involved parties in the waste management process.

Waste Description: The document offers a comprehensive description of the waste being transferred, including classification, quantity, and relevant codes or descriptions.

Collection and Transfer Information: WTNs meticulously track when and where waste is collected, with precise details on dates, times, and locations, establishing a traceable chain of custody for the waste.

Waste Handling Procedures: They outline safe procedures for handling, storing, and transporting the waste, emphasizing environmental safety and compliance.

Signatures: Both the waste producer and the waste management service provider sign the WTN, acknowledging their respective roles in the waste transfer process, ensuring accountability.

Waste Disposal Information: If the waste is destined for a specific facility, the WTN may include details about the disposal site, including its location and permits.

Waste Audit Trail: WTNs create an audit trail for the waste, which is invaluable in cases of legal or environmental compliance issues.

Why Waste Transfer Notes matter:

Legal Compliance: Properly using WTNs and adhering to waste management contracts is essential to avoid legal consequences and potential fines.

Environmental Responsibility: WTNs support the responsible management and disposal of waste, minimizing its environmental impact.

Accountability: These notes promote accountability in the waste management process, safeguarding both the waste producer and the waste management service provider.

Data for Reporting: WTNs serve as a valuable data source, allowing businesses to monitor and report on their waste management practices.


WTNs are a pivotal part of business waste management.  They are essential documents, which should be retained for two years and be easily produced upon requirement.

You should ensure your business waste supplier provides you with a WTN for every instance of waste transfer.  It is a standard document which should provide all detail outlined above.

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